Welcome to BYSN, Your Local Sports and Swimming Team Media Company

Nothing unites people like sports does. At Backyard Sports Network (BYSN), it’s our mission to give upstate New Yorkers all the scores, highlights, and personal stories that matter in the world of local sports. From the high school girls’ basketball championship to the amazing journey of a team of little leaguers as they played their hearts during every game of the season, if it’s inspiring, it’s on BYSN.

What Backyard Sports Network Covers

AT BYSN, we cover all local sports. We’re a swimming team media company. A multi-media platform for sharing the victories and experiences of our local cheerleaders, basketball players, and football stars. We’ll give you the play-by-play of the middle school lacrosse game and the stunning action shots of the local diving meet.

From soccer to hockey to track and field, when our local athletes are on the field, in the court, or jumping off the diving board, we’re reporting about it.

We cover all ages too. Backyard Sports Network is a platform for youth leagues, high school sports, and local clubs throughout the Auburn, Skaneateles, and Marcellus areas.

Because sports are always exciting, at BYSN, we make sure to bring you the best of the action through a variety of media formats. From livestreaming video of the varsity football game to podcast interviews of local athletes and social media updates on scores, we are the voice of local sports. We also have a print magazine – it’s a glossy, full-color magazine that features stories and photos of local athletes, teams, community sports news, and more.

Why We Do What We Do

The truth is, from the third-graders on the ice to local athletes competing in community leagues, everyone who plays deserves a platform to share their story. It’s not just that we love following what’s going on in the area, it’s that the grit, perseverance, and triumphs – these are things we believe should be shared.

We want to promote local sports to inspire other people to play, to engage our communities, and to motivate a sports lifestyle. Playing sports, whether it’s just for fun or a life path, has so many advantages. From the experience of being on a team to creating goals and working toward them, the sports world is where we can challenge ourselves, work hard, and overcome.

It’s also about supporting one another and connecting as a community.

If you love sports, have a young athlete on a local team, or are an athlete yourself, you’ll love what Backyard Sports Network offers. Check out our magazine to stay on top of local tournaments and sports events. Listen to our podcasts and get inspired and check out our live and recorded videos. Follow us on social media – our handle is BYSNetwork.

There’s always something exciting going on. Find out what we have going on, or reach out to us if you have a team that deserves some air time. We can’t wait to hear from you.